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Open 7 Days 
Mon-Sat 09:30hrs - 21:00hrs
Sun: 10:00hrs - 20:00hrs
Tel: 07555-886087

Looking for a massage in Peterborough?
Welcome to the new China Jade Therapy located at 33A,  [rear of 33] Broadway, Peterborough PE1 1SQ. Walk down alley way turn right to the rear of Red Rock Partnership.  Parking spaces for 2 cars. We opened on Sunday 25th September 2022.
Massage therapy is the process of using the hands to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. Massage can be used for many different purposes, including relaxation, pain management, rehabilitation, stress reduction, and more. Our Massage therapists are trained to use their hands to create a sensation of pressure on specific areas of the body which encourages relaxation by releasing natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins. This helps to provide relief from stress and pain in muscles and joints.
Our masseurs offer a variety of services including full body massages, deep tissue sports massages, hot stone massages, cupping therapy and four hands massage.

We Accept Major Debit and Credit Cards*visa_logo_6*gif?alt=media&token=980e5972-3242-430c-9406-3e2de4f0ddb3*mastercard_logo_6*gif?alt=media&token=e730c0fe-2388-4aa7-828a-245715fb20fa

Prices: 30mins £30 | 45 mins £45 | 60mins £50

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Disposable Massage Couch Cover
Disposable Mask Supplied
Hand Sanitisers in all Rooms
Shower Facilities and Fresh Towels
Premises Disinfected
Two Treatment Rooms
Light Relaxing Music
Free Drink and Refreshments
Professional Asian Masseurs

Full body massage Peterborough

Full Body Massage 
Prices: 30mins £30 | 45 mins £45 | 60mins £50*classic-massage-740215_640%20(1)*jpg?alt=media&token=5cdb57f8-353a-49cf-9d23-fe9ec5c52061

Deep Tissue Massage 
Prices: 30mins £30 | 45 mins £45 | 60mins £50*4hands640360*jpg?alt=media&token=db935a9d-4a79-4097-8d75-bc847c72a017

4 Hands Luxury Massage
Prices: 30 mins £60  60 mins £100*newhotstones*jpeg?alt=media&token=a9d91cb4-038f-4c63-a80b-bfcc3d2ba05d

Hot Stones Massage
 30 mins £30 / 60mins £50 / 90mins £80

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